PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2 AGILE®

Our TAXAPA team faces self-learning challenges, such as taking the Prince2® Foundation, and Prince2 Agile® courses. Our leading goal is to constantly work on our skills, knowledge, and experts aiming to be subject matter experts/SME in our domain!  

Let’s talk about these particular courses.  

PRINCE2® (PRoject IN Control Environment) is the most widespread methodology for project management. Thanks to its flexibility and versatility, it is used across industries to manage large and small projects. PRINCE2 certification has become a global standard not only in project manager positions. It is the most requested project management methodology!  

PRINCE2® Foundation   

PRINCE2® includes a set of principles, themes, and processes. This allows me to adapt the project to current requirements and the environment. The PRINCE2® project management process model will teach you to plan, manage, complete a project, and sell it successfully throughout the project life cycle. Intended the right step become professional PM or PMO.  

Our PMO Katarína G. also noted. 


Today’s projects are not purely agile. However, they are often no longer purely. The future belongs to hybrid methodologies that combine the best of both approaches. PRINCE2 Agile® is the most advanced methodology that will maintain control over the budget and quality of projects and provide enough agility.  

Our PM Juraj H. also noted. 

Agile and Prince2 can operate together. We can see in our projects, that Prince provides frameworks for managing and Agile (Scrum, Scrum Ban) for delivering. These are symbioses of best methodologies mixed into one.  

We in TAXAPA want to constantly enhance and adjust our way of work to adapt to daily changes smoothly.  

Things are getting better with us!  

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