Our company grew last year in all directions, and we know what is good today may not be enough tomorrow. We must continuously rescale our processes and operations and articulate our mission clearly. Periodically, we must slow down to locate the solid time, focus on summarizing achievements and improvements from the recent period, and set the course we want to work further.

As a team, we recently conducted an intensive TaXaPa Day (workshop) last year. We booked the meeting room for a day, closed the door, and brainstormed as a team. Our aim was precise, look back on the past year, project by project, to balance our achievements and results. As part of the conversation, we agreed on areas for modifications to boost company growth and enhance our operations and services.

The discussion was so rich. Soon, it was clear one day would not be enough, and we decided we needed more such TAXAPA DAYs. From now on, we set them on quarterly periods to keep them as fundamental traditions for individuals, teams, and the company.

To enable measuring our results, we designed new KPIs and more. We have agreed on our targets for the next period and 2023. Now entire team understands where we aim.

After the official part, we went to a nice restaurant to enjoy good food and time together as friends. Indeed, a wonderful tradition we want to keep.

Team TAXAPA – Things are getting better with us!

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