Professional Services

We understand we cannot eliminate all problems and challenges, but we know how to manage them effectively.


Do you want to expand your company into the digitalization era?
Do you plan to change your ERP or add a new module or connect with third-party applications? We are here for that!

Discovery We assist in selecting the best. 

Requirements Analyses We “translate” your needs into IT jargon.

Training and TestingWe reduce risks and boost team skills.

Project Management We guide your project to win!

ImplementationWe support you during implementation!

Support and MaintenanceWe build long-term business relationships.


Are you facing challenges with the existing ERP solution? Ended your project in the state you can not expand further? Are you in a regular “battle” with the current ERP provider? We can give you another perspective on that and assist with strategic decisions.

Contracts Validation We can review your contracts profoundly.

Audit pricing and licensing policies We discover opportunities you may not know.

Customer Care We listen to your problems.

Project Optimization We are continuously improving things.

Support and MaintenanceWe improve the current project state and terms&conditions.


Do you need to connect the “dots”? Ecommerce, OEM Interfaces, API, Web. Do you need to add your team skills during the “hard” season? You want to be sure what you get is right? We are strong here.

Requirements Analyses We create requirement analyses.

Solution Proposals We propose the right path to go.

Development We bring skills where you require.

Testing and Automation We are ISTQB certified!

Support and Maintenance We stabilize and automate!

Our developers work with modern tools and frameworks like Laravel, Nette, Codeigniter, and also jQuery. We include into design most of today’s common frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Opencart.

All above we are profoundly doing 10+ years

Things are getting better with us!

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