TaXaPa DAY – 1Q 2023

We hold our young tradition and completed another TaXaPa Day, the first in the current year. Full-day sessions help us to find focus in our busy days and summarize the results of the recent period. Also, it offered us time to discuss different topics in detail. Indeed, we learned a lot from our business operations, projects, and consequences as a team. 

We agreed that even though all our KPIs look profitable, we must continuously search for improvements and adapt our services and processes to new business situations. Every enhancement, even small ones, counts. 

To empathize with this movement, we decided to replace our existing support system with the JIRA support desk and are currently utilizing it for our project management and services.

This tool will help us to be more flexible and ready for changes in our unpredictable World. We still have enough work to perfect it, but the direction and team track is strong enough to achieve it soon.  

Another positive thing in 1Q 2023, our company’s new team member, Dano, will help us set up internal processes using JIRA and provide additional skills and know-how we urgently need to expand further.   

The session was one day long, but with such intense focus and drive, it looked like it took a couple of moments before it ended. Finally, we went to the nearby restaurant to enjoy good hamburgers and extend this wonderful day as friends.  

Team TAXAPA – Things are getting better with us!

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