TAXAPA has become a Public Sector Partner since February 10, 2022.

 The Register of Public Sector Partners/Register partnerov verejného sektora (RVPS) was established in 2017 by Special Act No. 315/2016 Z. z.  on the register of public sector partners.

It is a publicly accessible register of natural and legal persons, which contains detailed information about entities trading with the state, local government or other public institutions.

RPVS is a public administration information system, maintained only in electronic form. Its administrator and operator is the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. It is available on its website. The registering authority is the District Court of Žilina.

RPVS is also part of the Central Information System of the Judiciary and the data entered in it are made available in the form of an extract from the register.

Its main function is to identify the end-user of the benefits, which is the natural person actually exercising control over the public sector partner for whose benefit the transaction or activity is carried out.

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